Community Mental Health Providers

Counseling Providers in North County

This is a list of potential counseling or therapy providers in north county that work with children and adolescents. This is not an exhaustive list and is not an endorsement of any particular provider. Search for additional therapists online. Finding providers can be challenging depending on insurance and financial constraints so this list provides a range of options for parents who are looking for community resources. Some counseling providers are currently offering tele-health online services.

  • Community Counseling Center: 1035 Vine St. Suite # A Paso Robles, (sliding scale based on income, Cencal MediCal), 805-543-7969

  • The Holman Group: → behavioral healthcare services/ therapy and psychiatry services for those with CenCal MediCal, Paso Robles, 800-321-2843

  • SLO County Behavioral Health: 800-838-1381

  • SLO Hotline (mental health support, crisis and suicide prevention): 800-783-0607

  • Julie Seden-Hansen, LMFT, LPCC: 1244 Pine Street Suite 218, Paso Robles, 805-423-4028

  • Lana Hoyer MFTA: 1140 Railroad St, Paso Robles 805-635-7401

  • Elise Tobin, MS, LMFT: 408 S. Main St. Suite 240 Templeton, 805-237-4462

  • Amy R. Overby, LMFT: 6470 Lewis Ave. Atascadero, 805-804-3753

  • Hannah Warren, MA, LMFT: 5975 Entrada Ave. Atascadero, 805-356-3185

  • Jessica Marie Dawson, LMFT: 9700 El Camino Real Suite 301, Atascadero, 805-664-2121

  • Wendy Ann Clodfelter, LMFT: 5900 Entrada Ave Atascadero 805-391-7914

  • Susana Lopez, PhD, Resilience Psychological Collaborative Inc.: 5955 Capistrano Ave., Atascadero, (bilingual English/Spanish), 805-703-5330

  • Kari Althea Whitson-Wilson, LMFT, PPS, NCC: 8740 Pueblo Ave Suite 204 Atascadero 805-312-7708

  • Ray Ford, LCSW: 4555 El Camino Real Suite G, Atascadero, 805-534-3943

program-center.html → Seneca Family of agencies provides a continuum of services in SLO county including mental health services, 6850 Morro Road, Atascadero, 805-434-2449

  • → national alliance for mental illnesses. Providers support groups and mental health info and resources for SLO county