Re-opening Information

Hybrid Reopening

Hybrid Reopening Dates:

November 16: tk and Kinder at Lillian Larsen and tk-3rd at Cappy Culver

November 30: 1st-3rd at Lillian Larsen and 4th-8th at Cappy Culver

December 7: 4th and 5th at Lillian Larsen

January 4: 6th, 7th, and 8th at Lillian Larsen

We are using an AM/PM Cohort Model as survey results from parents and teachers preferred that model over day on/day off.

AM Cohort will attend from 8:30-11:00 four days a week with one day for distance learning only.

PM Cohort will attend from 12:30-3:00.

Students will attend four days a week with one day for distance learning only. More details to come.

Please see plan below for more details.

Hybrid Reopening Plan November 2020

SMJUSD Hybrid Reopening Plan .pdf

Board Approved Reopening Plan July 2020

SMJUSD Reopening Plan .pdf

  • A traditional plan with all students returning for full days

  • Pros- children are back at school full time which is great for learning, emotional well-being, and normalcy to family life

  • Cons- Socially distancing would be impossible, use of masks would be highly likely (exceptions for children with health concerns), higher risk for students and staff for infection.

  • A hybrid plan with students returning to school for half-days and completing distance learning the other half of the day

  • Pros- children are back at school most days (One day would be distance learning only for deep cleaning and teacher prep), Class groups would be very small (average 12 children) which allows for social distancing.

  • Masks are mandatory.

  • Cons- schedule can be difficult for families (siblings will be place in same group, AM or PM)

  • A Distance Learning Plan with students learning from home

  • This plan will include Daily Live Instruction from teachers. All students will have access to a device and internet. We are currently awaiting new Chromebooks and Hotspots to ensure each child has access to a device. We are working with administration and teachers to make sure students have access to a strong learning platform.

The complete document has been submitted for review to the SLO County Department of Public Health for review and input. We have updated the plan to incorporate their suggestions for the health and safety of our staff and students.