Cappy Culver Elementary School

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We are accepting Middle School students for Hybrid In-Person Learning.

Call the office to make an appointment to pick up a registration packet.



Kinder student birth date on or before 9/1/2016. Must be 5 on or before 9/1/21.


Birth date of TK student is 9/2/2016-12/2/2016. Must be 5 on or between 9/2/21-12/2/21.

Contact the Cappy Culver school office to pick up a packet or download a registration packet here: TK/K Registration Packet

Are you finding yourself at a loss as to how to effectively respond to your child who is throwing a tantrum or is displaying difficult, defiant behaviors?

When your child misbehaves, rewards might be the last thing on your mind. But, positive reinforcement can be one of the most effective behavior modification techniques.

Positive reinforcement can also be an effective way to encourage and motivate your child to be responsible, do their chores, get along with siblings, or complete their homework assignments without arguing.

If you are interested in learning more, there is a free, 2 hour, virtual workshop available in March. Please see the flyer below "Hone Your Reinforcement Superpower As A Parent!" for details.

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Stephanie Schofield



Denise Peterson

1st Grade

Libby Dekorte

Mrs. Dekorte's Website

2nd Grade

Jackie McCuistion

Mrs. McCuistion's Website

3rd Grade

Keferin Stewart

Mrs. Stewart's Website

4th Grade

Kristin Wilson

5th Grade

Heather Lowry

6th Grade

Anna Mumford

Mrs. Mumfords Website

7th Grade

Suzy Limbers

Mrs. Limber's Website

8th Grade

Mrs. Babcock's Website

Special Education Pre-school - 8th Grade

Heidi Smith

Ms. Smith's Website

School Psychologist

Lexi Hagedorn

Speech and Language Pathologists

Sharon Enman

Kera Waters

Site Secretary

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Attendance Clerk

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Lead Custodian

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Night Custodian

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