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Annual employee information packets

Per State and Federal Guidelines, employees are to be formally notified on an annual basis about the district's policies/emergency information listed below. Please read all of the documents below. Complete the Acknowledgement form for 2015-16 and return to your site secretary who will forward it to the district office.
2017-18 Staff Handbook
Employee emergency information *Signature Required annually*
Disaster Service Workers Information (G.C.&L.C.)
Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco-Free Workplace *Signature Required for new hires*
Employee Injury Information
Prohibited internet use policy for employees *Signature required for new hires*
Employee Use of Technology, BP &AR 4040
Employee Security, BP & AR 4158, 4258, 4358
Uniform Complaint procedures, BP & AR 1312.3
Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures, AR 1312.4
Complaints concerning discrimination in employment, AR 4031
Sexual harassment, BP & AR 4119.11, 4219.11, 4319.11
Child Abuse and mandated reporter laws
Management plan for asbestos
Bloodborne pathogens