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Superintendent's Message

"Welcome to San Miguel Schools. I came out of retirement eight years
ago to serve as the Interim Superintendent and remain here for more as
I believe so strongly in the quality of the education we provide to
the children of our communities. I am very proud of our schools and
welcome the opportunity to share with you why we feel we are small
enough to be like a big family yet large enough to provide a wealth of
services to kids.

First and foremost we have safe schools. While facing the challenges
inherent in educating over 900 students in three very different school
settings, we have relatively few serious discipline issues. The San
Luis Obispo County Sheriffs Dept funds a full-time School Resource
Officer for our schools to support us. In the classroom, we have a
dedicated teaching staff that is committed to maximizing the potential
of each and every student. The support staff also takes pride in our
services to children and the appearance of our facilities. The
community has supported us with a tax override bond that has funded
new fencing, new fields and when needed new electives buildings at
each site.

At each grade level, we are developing a "Theme" which aligns to our
state curriculum and matches our strengths. Culminating student
projects will be completed with a tech component that can be recorded
digitally on a student's individual portfolio. At the end of the year
there will be a corresponding culminating activity such as Science
Camp, a train trip to Sacramento, and trips to local sites such Cal
Poly, The Pinnacles, Missions, and the coast.

I would proudly send any of my eight grandchildren to San Miguel
Schools, two of whom are sixth generation residents of San Luis Obispo
County, and hope you will as well. My door is always open and I
welcome your comments and suggestions."
-Dr. Curt Dubost, Superintendent